Ninja Log Out


Move-bar Toolbar  v.6 8

Log out of all your e-mail accounts before accessing them through the E-mail Notifier. To receive Facebook notifications, click on your Facebook icon to open the menu, and then select Settings.

Games Free01 Toolbar  v.

Search the Web and get a wide choice of useful search engines. Log out of all your e-mail accounts before accessing them through the E-mail Notifier. Choose from thousands of free apps for your browser.


SilentVault Personal  v.1.0.5

Create a special encryption vault with SilentVault. Users open and lock this vault with simple log-in and log-out controls. When data is saved to this vault, the industry-standard powerfulest AES 256 encryption hides this data.

HTTP Logout  v.1.1

The HTTP Logout Firefox add-on allows a Firefox user to log out from all current HTTP Authenticated Sessions (Basic and Digest). HTTP Logout is will log you out from all HTTP authenticated sessions. Its very lightweight and does its job in just

UniTunes  v.1.1.0

This Microsoft Windows application allows up to four users with individual iTunes libraries to use iTunes on one computer, without having to log out of Windows to change users.

Fluffy's Log  v.2.0.1

Fluffy's Log is a user friendly pet information management software written in Cocoa, designed for the Mac OS X operating system.

P2 Log Pro  v.3.0

P2 Log Pro can instantly view all formats of native P2 (MXF) video in any format or frame rate.

G8PUT  v.4. 4. 1990

A database application for log books, contests, awards and administration screen and QSL cards. Features: - Online Help System: is being written, I've made it available though it's not yet complete.

WiseFinder  v.

Have you ever been worried over where your kids are? Ever wanted to know where your friends are hanging out? Have you had the need to let family and friends keep track of how close you are to meeting up with them? WiseFinder satisfies all these needs

BigQuitter  v.0.5

BigQuitter is designed to quit out of any and all running applications.

GameKnot Chess Toolbar for Internet  v.1 3

This toolbar helps you to utilize all the resouces from a single menu of the GameKnot chess community where you can play chess. The latest version of this toolbar is 1.4. First of all you need to have an account.

Virindi Tank  v.1.0

Virindi Tank is a Decal-based combat macro plugin for Asheron's Call designed to replace LifeTank and is written in C# with Decal.Adapter.

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